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The Maltacamp 2019 is getting closer and the anticipation is rising! For all of you who want to share this anticipation with us and support us, there is the Amazon Wish List "Maltacamp 2019" where you can buy various handicrafts, decorations, games and more for our camp activities. 

Therefore we ask you to share this list with your families, friends and acquaintances! Have fun fulfilling your wishes!

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We aim to break down barriers of what can be achieved by people with disabilities.

We organise events and activities that develop the skills of all involved and overturn the conventions that say how young people with disabilities are expected to achieve and experience. The program unites all in friendship through fun, adventurous and athletic activities. Accessibility, the activity program, the special infrastructure, the transportation as well as the food for everyone costs around € 550,000.

Please help with your donation to put the IMS into action for the international guests and friends with disabilities!